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One Problem: Politics

What’s the Problem?


So I’m looking through my Facebook post today and run    across a post from my good friend Ken. Here is the link he posted:

So the Thought crosses my mind that: What a point it would make to all the Big Business and Big Money that neither one of their race horses make it into the White House!

That would be the first set in a Solution! Getting Money out of Politics, Don’t ya’ think?

Another great link suggested was this one:

Sounds like a better option than None of the Above! That is the direction I was heading, But, What do you thing?


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Let’s Talk about the solution!

How do we focus on the solution?

Well, I suppose that would depend on the problem. Why is it so difficult for us to stay focused on the solution? We always seem to fall for all sorts of distractions, keeping us off-topic from the problem at hand. I challenge you to propose a problem with life of society and we can dedicate ourselves to staying on topic, that being The Solution!

So what is our problem to create solutions for together?