Howdy to all my Fish Folk Friends!

CMAS member meeting on Sat!

Elections are here and the Club is looking for a few good people to set up and help make CMAS the best club in the country. If your a member, please do your best to show up. If your not, show up and see if you would like to sign up after hearing all the great things we got in the works! Terence’s presentation will be worth the trip in itself!

Action Steps:
1) Share this post with all the Saltwater Aquarium Fish & Coral keepers you know!

2) Check out the link below and sign up for the CMAS Site!

3) Set up on Sat. to make CMAS the Best!

This Saturday!
November 17, 2012 Naperville Public Library

3015 Cedar Glade Dr.
Naperville, IL 60564
9:30 sharp-12 Noon
Meeting Room C

CMAS Board Elections:

Here is your chance to make CMAS a better club!!!!!!

Guest Speaker: Terence Fugazzi

“Part 1: What REALLY Matters When Deciding On An Aquarium Controller

Part 2: What are your options out there and the cool stuff can you do

Aquarium controllers have finally crossed the chasm from a geeky nice-to-haves to practically being a critical piece of reef-keeping gear. What, you don’t believe that? Well come to this talk and I will show you why if you are not on the bandwagon yet – you should be.

Also, all controllers are NOT created equal! So, if you are looking to either jump into having a fully controlled aquarium or you just want to upgrade, I will go over some of the critical features you should have in a controller and show you how they will truly change your approach to owning and maintaining a saltwater aquarium.

Finally, I will give an unbiased view of some of the controller options out on the market today, and also show you some of the types of really cool things people are doing with them.”
We still have leftover raffle items from the Frag Swap!! If you like freebies, here is your best opportunity to get one!!

Sign up to the CMAS Site: Click HERE!

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