Chicago Saltwater Aquariums

Video tour of a Chicago Saltwater Aquarium


Here is a quick 5 min video tour of Carl Kmiec’s Chicago based saltwater aquarium. this 120 gallon reef tank set up and additional breeding operation is pretty awesome. Carl Kmiec is the President of CMAS (Chicago Marine Aquarium Society) a local club in the Chicago metropolitan area.  Carl is looking to foster a mentor program to get more people like yourselves interested in this great hobby.

To set up a Chicago Saltwater Aquarium is not as hard as it sounds. First of all, you do not need to be in Chicago. :) The Hobby has a bad rap….Too Much Time…Too much Money!!! that is absolute BS! properly set up, a Marine Reef Tank can be very self sustaining. Depending on what you are looking to keep in these systems will depend on the time involve. Some things are harder to keep than others, but for the most part….the tank you see in the video about takes very little maintenance.

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Carl Kmiec Jr in Maui

Carl Kmiec, Jr.






Chicago Saltwater Aquarium